Our Story

Why we started it?

We have 35+ years of experience in property and building maintenance. Barbas Industries has been serving the Niagara Region and the Greater Toronto Area. We are not just a window cleaning company; we also take care of your janitorial services, post construction cleanup and lawn maintenance needs. We give our 100% attention to detail, unlike any other window cleaning company. We have an impeccable track record in customer satisfaction.

At Barbas Industries, we will continuously strive to improve our processes through customer input, workforce development, and self-evaluation. With these commitments, we will seek to develop, maintain, and enhance our recognition in the building service industry as a valuable partner, thereby leading to growth opportunities and an improved maintenance standard.

Barbas Industries started this business with the understanding that our company’s success would depend upon our ability to produce a consistently high quality service day-in and day-out.35+

Who We Are?


Barbas Industries takes care of all our office cleaning needs. They are cost effective, professional and courteous. Would highly recommend them to anyone!
Owner and Operator
We contract Barbas Industries to perform initial post-construction cleans of all our new property builds. Their prices can't be beat and neither can the job they do.
Barbas Industries is our go-to company for window cleaning in our chain of high-rise hotels in the Niagara Region. They have the expertise and qualifications.